ask amy doll brunette red dress

Dolls have a long history in the story of humanity. Archaeologists have found dolls at ancient sites dating back thousands of years, and the evidence shows that dolls are the earliest known toy. Children across many cultures have played with talking dolls, and why not? Dolls are a way for children to practice being an adult, in a gentle, stress-free fashion. They can bathe, dress, and interact with their talking dolls for girls like a parent or an older sibling would do. The beauty of dolls is that they teach children valuable lessons through play.

Talking Dolls for Girls

The Ask Amy Doll takes this type of play to a new level. This talking dolls is the first truly interactive, educational doll. Each doll talks! Ask Amy can sing a song, tell a story, answer questions or respond to commands. Imagine how much your child will love a doll that responds to him or her! For example, if you say, “Goodbye,” to Ask Amy, she will ask if you are going to sleep. If you say yes, she will sing a lullaby, then close her eyes and make snoring sounds. Ask Amy can also blink her eyes, move her lips, and turn her head. It’s like having a fully lifelike playmate who responds to your child!

One of the best ways to understand small children is to watch them at play. While they are in their special fantasy world you can observe how they are interacting with their doll and what lessons they are learning. With the Ask Amy Doll your children will enter a delightful world of interactive play with a doll that is easy to love and care for. The Ask Amy Doll from World of Magic Toys is a doll your children will treasure for years, and they’ll get countless hours of enjoyment from each one.

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