Today, many parents have to work to support their family. In recent years the number of working mothers have been on the rise, as families now need dual-income to support their lifestyles. Single parents, on the other hand, have no choice but to enter the workforce if they wish to support their kids.

Many child psychologists have studied and are still investigating the effect this has on the development of children. Of course, the most apparent fact is that as working parents, it means you won’t be able to give as much time to your kids.

Fact is that as working parents

Having to compromise on family time can have certain effects on kids. For instance, it means there is less opportunity for bonding. Parental bonding is an essential aspect of a healthy development that can have lifelong effects on an individual. It makes a child feel loved, safe and secure and gives them a strong sense of belonging. claims that parental bond is among the strongest predictors of mental, emotional, physical and social health.

What can Ask Amy doll do?

While nothing can ever replace the bind that a child shares with a parent, Ask Amy comes pretty close. Being an interactive doll that has the unique ability to engage in conversations, teach your kid alphabets, lullabies, rhymes, and more, Ask Amy provides a sense of companionship to kids. Moreover, the life-like movements of her lips, head and eyes make it feel like she is more than just a doll. Kids don’t only play with Ask Amy; they bond with her.

This significantly contributes to a child’s sense of belonging, which may be lacking when they don’t have siblings or parents that they can spend a lot of time with. In other words, Ask Amy makes your child feel less lonely.


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