Dolls are no longer just sources of entertainment for kids. They have evolved into highly educative and engaging tools which can open up a whole new world for kids. An example of this evolution is beautifully depicted by Ask Amy Doll, an real life like baby doll that’s taking kids by storm.


We all have seen the immense imaginative power that kids possess. They can conjure up so many different scenarios, connecting abstract ideas with real-life situations. Life like Dolls and teddies have always been their companion in such scenarios, but the modern-day interactive dolls take this relationship a notch higher by establishing two-way communication.

Real Life Like Baby Doll Boost Your Child’s Imagination


Start with a hello, and these lifelike dolls can respond with a polite answer, thereby giving the friendship a start. Kids can now immerse themselves in different storylines and create different scenarios where both they and the doll have defined roles to pretend play. Some kids like to play the role of a parent, while others may fancy just a friendship. All of these work to boost your child’s imagination and expose them to different ideas.


The Ask Amy interactive doll is an excellent way to feed your child’s imagination. It provides a unique playing opportunity and allows kids to get the best from pretense play. It offers a wide scope for children to use their imagination and improve their cognitive and social skills. The doll makes use of verbal questions or prompts and provides an engaging playing experience for kids.


With improved imagination comes the benefits of enhanced creativity and better emotional responses. It’s their imagination that brings out-of-the-world ideas to their mind and provides them with a new lens to view the world. Besides educating them, a talking doll gives children a sense of security and comfort when they come across hurtful situations. It’s the best thing kids can have for expanding their nurturing, caring, and understanding skills.

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