talking doll

You may be keen to give only the best toys to your kids, but where do you start when your child is blind? Finding the best toys for your child’s needs may be a challenge at times. You will need to be aware of what to look for in these toys and how to adapt your little one to them. You will also have to find ways to create an adaptive, healthy environment or sensory play space and know how to use these toys to promote learning.

This is where Ask Amy doll comes into play. As an interactive toy, Ask Amy can be your child’s best friend and be the light they were looking for. Amy doll can talk, answer questions, and develop skills even when you child is visually impaired. All that your child needs to do to have a fun experience with Amy is just talk to her and listen to what she says. The toy has a multi-sensory appeal as she comes with a loud voice system and different textures.

The doll can make playtime a lot more fun and exciting for your child by making the interaction interpersonal, constructive, functional and symbolic. You child learns to interact with the toy and explore its features. He or she also realizes that objects do things and learns how to use them “appropriately.”

Ask Amy Doll Helps Visual Impairment

When it comes to pretense play, there’ no better companion than Ask Amy for your child. She can put your child in the shoes of different characters and teach him or her what each role entails. Ask Amy doll is exactly what your sight-challenged child needs for finding hope in the frustrating darkness of visual impairment.  Consider gifting your child this amazing toy and give them the confidence that they are not alone in their struggle.

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