The common notion is that only little girls play with talking doll, while little boys should stick to cars and action figures. This has been the idea that most of us have been brought up with, and understandably, we impart the same idea to our children. Even though this is what many of us consider to be “normal”, it may serve us well to open up our minds and strip off gender labels from little kids toys.

Especially when it comes to boys playing with real baby dolls, this is something that more of us should encourage. In today’s world, it is important that we allow our children to play with toys that contribute to their wholesome development, and this includes the nurturing of empathy, care and understanding.

Ask Amy talking doll is useful for kids play.

It is not wrong to say that generally, a huge percentage of toys which are labelled as “best toys for boys” promote unhealthy competition and aggression, thereby not providing the opportunity for little boys to develop crucial qualities such as empathy and kindness that enable them to grow up as an all-rounded individual.

With Ask Amy, boys have the opportunity to develop and nurture these valuable qualities and more. The most important quality that little children learn when they are presented with the opportunity to play with interactive dolls is empathy and this is especially critical today, at a time when bullying and other forms of hatred and violence are so widespread.

It’s not just for developing empathy and kindness that Ask Amy is useful for. Being an interactive talking doll, she can help boys improve their communication and verbal skills. Besides, having a doll that they can talk to, learn from and play with anytime they want can really help alleviate loneliness in little boys, which is a common occurrence in kids their age.

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