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Pretense play is something we have all seen kids toys doing. Bring together two little girls and they conjure up a nice setting where they are playing the roles they want—be it a mother of a child, the beautiful princess or any other character from their favorite flicks.

Besides their friends, little kids also play different roles with their beloved little girl dolls. While stuffed animals, Barbie dolls and soft toys are good companions of kids while pretense playing, Ask Amy kids toys seems to assume a special position in this regard.

Ask Amy is an interactive and popular kids toys that’s no less than a real human being. She is capable of responding cutely to verbal prompts and provides the much-needed companionship to kids. She is nothing less than a friend that your child can cuddle, play with, and talk their hearts out to.

Pretense playing with little baby dolls involves different actions that kids perform, one of them being feeding, either food or milk. Since it begins somewhere between 12 and 18 months, you may see that your child is feeding her doll—a sign that something in him or her is changing.

Ask Amy Kids Toys Teach Child’s About Feeding

The act of feeding Ask Amy interactive doll is an indication that your child is starting to understand the different dynamics within a family. The act takes him or her beyond their own needs and makes them considerate about others. It inculcates fatherly and motherly traits in kids that can make them better parents when they grow up.

Some parents may be wondering about the best interactive doll that can encourage more pretense play in kids. Since Amy is a unique doll that opens her mouth and blinks her eyes, she can pave the way for more imaginative play and engage kids. As such, Amy is the doll your child needs for teaching kids about compassion, love and companionship—all through a simple act of pretentious feeding.

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