Childhood is an important stage in life for developing confidence and self-esteem. It is during
these tender ages that we form a sense of ourselves. This perspective we have on ourselves
affects the kind of people we are later in life as we grow, and consequently how we see the
world. Everyone knows that the importance of confidence and self-awareness cannot be
stressed enough. Therefore, it is crucial that during the younger ages, children have positive
experiences and have confidence-boosting interactions.

Boosting your child confidence with Ask Amy doll

This is where the Ask Amy Doll comes in. You may wonder how playing with a doll can help
your child become confident and self-aware. Well, the answer is simple. Ask Amy Dolls are no
ordinary dolls. They are battery-operated interactive dolls that can talk, have conversations
with your child, move their lips, blink their eyes and move their heads. In a sense, Ask Amy is
not just a lifeless doll that your child plays with, she becomes a friend that helps your child to
grow in more ways than one.

Ask Amy, apart from being able to recite the English alphabets, can understand what your
child says as it is programmed to answer to twelve verbal prompts. This means your child can
ask questions like “Where are you from?” or “Do you like school?” and it can respond
accordingly. Thanks to this unique ability, Ask Amy is the perfect companion for your child to
learn language skills so they can communicate with other people better, thus improving their

Another great benefit of letting your kid play with Ask Amy is that they learn how to think
independently because Ask Amy is just like a real-life companion. Through their interactions,
children learn to be more empathetic, while learning how to think logically and independently.
These make them into confident, self-aware children.

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