Brunette dolls

Dolls are all time favorite kids learning toys! Encourage your kids to play with love that would help them to develop their communication, social and motor skills. In the USA, Ask Amy interactive doll, has covered you with a wide range of cute dolls that talks and response in 12 verbal prompts to answer different questions.If you have a toddler, who is just learning, speaking, then buy our blonde baby doll that is made of allergy free material and dressed up in colorful doll clothes. We are sure, this educational toys for kids would become the best companion for your child. We have a huge collection of doll clothes and dresses where your child enjoys choosing the best Ask Amy accessories for her doll.

Buy this interactive doll at our store in the New York, USA, that move lips, blink eyes, give head movement and encourage interactive discussion. No matter what you choose, you can ensure you would receive the best in quality.

Brunette baby dolls that talks and answers questions! We’ve gotten used to the amazement of people’s faces when they first see Ask Amy. Her lips move so naturally as she speaks, and she turns her head and blinks her eyes just like a real little girl!

Our vision was to create a high-quality interactive doll second-to-none that girls dolls collector would want on first sight a brunette doll with fun doll clothes and accessories to mix-and-match.

At the same time, our goal was to create a truly interactive toy that helps kids learn and develop without even realizing it. We also wanted to create a toy that embodies positive messages. Through her speech and the books that are included with each doll, Ask Amy lends herself to enhancing a girl’s self-esteem and developmental growth.

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