Although our society as advanced quite a bit over the years, “miscarriage” continues to remain a big hush-hush. Millions of women around the globe undergo pregnancy loss due to some reason to the other, most of who experience it before they miss their period.

Despite its relative commonality in today’s world, women can’t find solace after they undergo a miscarriage. Women who miscarry are plunged into a state of depression and gloom, with feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness overpowering them for days.

While most of the after-effects of miscarriage are psychological, we cannot rule out the physical reality of experiencing the situation. Pregnancy brings about a range of hormonal changes in a woman’s body. As such, these hormones continue to triggers mental and emotional turbulence for women who lose their pregnancy.

Mothers Who Have Gone Through miscarriage?

Coping with a miscarriage can be difficult for women, especially if it was their first-time pregnancy. But the process becomes a lot simpler and easier if you have something called Ask Amy Doll handy. As an interactive toy, Amy doll may seem apt for toddlers and young kids. But surprisingly, it also comes as a silver lining for mothers who have gone through a miscarriage.

To deal with the miserable situations, mothers can find solace in this amazingly unique toy that speaks just like a real human does. Ask Amy responds to verbal prompts, just a little girl, and emanates nothing but only cuteness. When a mother who has just lost her pregnancy talks to Amy, she gets the much-needed compassion and support to overcome their depression. Amy keeps here engaged, gives her company and to some extent, compensate for the loss she has just undergone.

The effects of a miscarriage can be devastating. But mothers can surely look at Amy doll as their support system and distraction from the misery. Amy is the interactive toy she needs to laugh, let go and relish life to the fullest.

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