Temper tantrums in kids are common and can be extremely frustrating for parents. You may one of the many parents who are dealing with whiny and screaming kids. These behavioral traits are characterized by hitting, kicking and breath holding in kids in the age bracket of 1 and 3 years.

Tantrums in kids occur when your kid is hungry, uncomfortable or tired. They can experience a meltdown if they can’t get something they desperately need, for example a parent, toy or their favorite chocolate. Learning to deal with such emotions is a skill that children develop over time.

You can see temper tantrums when your kid enters the second year of life, often when their language skills are just developing. They can’t express what they need or feel, thereby causing them to get frustrated. However, you can see the condition improve when your child’s language skills improve.

Toddlers desire more independence and control over their environment, sometimes more than what they are capable of handling. This can trigger power struggles as your child thinks “I want it, give it to me” or “I can do it myself.” When kids discover that they can’t do it on their own and can’t have everything they want, they may have a tantrum.

How Ask Amy Cools your child temper

When it comes to overcoming temper tantrums, you might have to use some external aid. This is when Ask Amy Doll comes forward to your rescue. The life like doll empowers your kid with essential language skills to be more expressive – something that can prevent tantrums. She can articulate, recite poems and sing along with your little one – just enough for him or her to be well-spoken. She can improve your child’s vocabulary and improve their ability to speak clearly about their needs and feelings.

As such, Ask Amy Doll is the innovative little toy your child needs for calming down and stopping their frustration from getting the best of them.

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