Young kids experience the world through a fresh set of eyes. They are extremely impressionable, which is why it is so important that they grow up in a controlled environment that will cater to their positive growth.

A critical part of bringing up children in a positively nurturing manner is providing constant encouragement. When parents and other people around them provide support and encouragement, kids learn to believe in their own capabilities, grow up with a high self-esteem and confidence and have an overall positive mindset.

How Ask Amy Talking Doll Toy Can Help?

According to psychology, when parents provide constant encouragement to their kids, they promote perseverance, increase their intrinsic motivation to achieve their goals, while also improving their self-esteem. Such kids are also found to be mentally healthier. Considering these significantly positive effects of constant encouragement, it is not difficult to see how kids can benefit.

This is where Ask Amy comes in. She is real looking baby dolls that can talk to your kids, teach them valuable skills, sing them songs and most of all, provide them with positive words of encouragement any time they need it. Ask Amy is capable of answering to 12 verbal prompts, including “Do you like school?”, “Tell me story”, “I love you” and more. Her ability to move her head, her lips and close and open her eyes while interacting with your kid makes her extremely life-like, as if she was a real-life friend that your kid can always count on.

For kids, knowing that they have someone who will always be there for them to back them up, provide support and encouragement is important. It makes them feel secure and strong. While parents are the perfect figures to provide these, Ask Amy talking doll toy provides that additional support that can make a huge difference.

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