If you are the parent of an only child, you may worry that the lack of siblings in your child’s life may lead unfavorable personality traits. For instance, Ask Amy Doll is the perfect companion for an only children are often believed to be lonelier as they have no siblings to grow up with. They tend to spend more time alone, or only with their parents, which tend to negatively affect their social and communication skills.

Only children and loneliness are often associated together, with many people often expecting only children to have an inherent need for attention or companionship. Studies have shown that growing up with or without siblings can indeed affect the structural development of the brain, which in turn, affects our personality. A study has found that, after examining 250 university students, only children are more likely to score higher on the creativity scale. However, they score lower on agreeable personality traits, meaning that they may not be the best when it comes to socializing with others.

Perfect Companion Ask Amy

It is important for only children to be able to make friends, communicate with other people effectively and form close bonds with others. This is where Ask Amy comes in. Being an interactive doll, she is the perfect companion for an only child so they never feel lonely again. Her life-like movements of her lips, her eyes and her head, as well as her ability to hold conversations make her more than just a doll. She is the closest thing to a fun, warm and sweet sibling that your only child can get.

Besides, Ask Amy is educational toys for kids, as she can recite the English alphabet, sing lullabies and nursery rhymes. By playing with her, your only child will feel like they have a sibling or a friend who they can always count on.

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