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Ask Amy Instructions

Truly Interactive Toy That Helps Kids Learn

ask amy instructions Video & Booklet

Instructions for Proper Care and Use

*For Ages 3 and Older

Batteries: Requires 6 (six) 1.5V AA batteries. (Batteries not included.)

*Batteries must be installed before the doll will speak or become interactive.

As the batteries lose their charge with time, the doll’s functions slow down and eventually stop. Please change batteries in a timely fashion when this happens.

If you do not plan to play with the doll for a long time, switch the sound module

to “OFF.”   (This is found on the doll’s back.)

Battery installation and replacement:

Take the cover off the battery compartment

Insert the new AA batteries. Make sure that the (+) and (-) signs are properly

aligned. Use alkaline batteries for longer use.

Replace the cover on the battery compartment.

Switch the sound module to “ON.”     (This is found on the doll’s back.)

Phrase List (Words and questions that the doll responds to):

  • Hello!
  • Where are you from?
  • Tell me a story.
  • Sing me a song.
  • Are you a fashion girl?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Am I pretty?
  • Do you like school?
  • Good-bye!
  • I love you.
  • Yes
  • No


Before giving to a child, please


The doll turns her head automatically. DO NOT TURN AND/OR HOLD

THE DOLL’S HEAD BY FORCE—the electronic and mechanical components

will be damaged.

DO NOT shake, hit or forcefully squeeze the doll.

DO NOT leave the doll near a heat source, in direct sunlight, or where it is excessively humid.

Remove batteries if the doll will not be in use for a long time.

If the doll does not operate properly, please replace the batteries.


Play with the doll in the absence of extraneous sounds.

For better phrase recognition, keep the doll at a close distance while playing.

Use your natural voice while speaking to the doll—phrases and commands

should be clear and articulate, otherwise they will not be properly recognized.

Start the next command AFTER the doll has finished speaking. THE DOLL



Please note: The doll’s sound recognition component is in her torso/belly.

If you are in a loud environment, directing your voice towards the sound

recognition component is helpful.

Pausing Ask Amy’s Speech

There is a reset button on the left side of the doll’s torso. (On your right, if you

are facing her.) If the doll is speaking and you want her to stop, or you want to

give her a different command, press this button. Her speech will pause until

you say your new command.

Answering Ask Amy’s Questions

When the doll asks, “What do you want to do first, sing a song or I’ll tell you a

story?” you can choose between these two options, and Ask Amy™ will either

sing or recite a story according to your answer. Alternatively, if you do not want

to hear a song or a story, you can ask the doll a different question at this time

and she will respond to the new command.

Please note, Ask Amy™ rotates through a variety of different songs, stories and

tongue-twisters. She will not repeat the same song or story twice in a row. She

sings 9 songs and tells 6 different stories/nursery rhymes. She also sings 2

lullabies, and includes singing the ABCs or “One-Two-Buckle-My-Shoe” in her

response when you ask, “Do you like school?”

Turning the Doll Upside-Down

The doll will automatically make one of several comments about her position

and/or giggle when you turn her upside-down. Turning her upside-down is

another way to change her speech or singing without pressing the reset button.

When you turn her right-side-up, she will comment again.

Saying Good-Bye

If you say “good-bye” to Ask Amy,™ she will ask you if you’re going to sleep. If

you say yes, she will sing you a lullaby, and then close her eyes and make

snoring sounds. If you say no, she will also say good-bye and go into sleep


Ask Amy™ does all of the following things:

  • Speaks and answers questions
  • Sings, laughs and recites poems, nursery rhymes and tongue-twisters
  • Tells stories
  • Blinks her eyes
  • Moves her lips
  • Turns her head

Watch more Ask Amy videos at our YouTube Channel.