Playing with educational dolls isn’t just a fun pastime for a child. Interactive baby doll can perform an important role in a child’s cognitive fine motor skill development, teach the ability to nurture and care for another item, and provide comfort in a time of need.

Encouraging emotional and language development, Ask Amy doll responds to 12 verbal prompts to answer questions, provide words of inspiration, and motivates children to sing along or recite a variety of poems. She also varies her responses and songs so that every play experience is unique.

“What makes Ask Amy so special is that she seems so much real lifelike companion to a child because her lips move naturally as she speaks and her head will turn or blink her eyes. These are recognizable behaviors which help engage children deeper in play,” said Elvira Tchoukanine, founder of World of Magic Toys. “Speaking with new people or reading in front of a class are some of the most intimidating tasks for a young child. I created Ask Amy to help children become more confident in themselves and when interacting with other people.”

Each 22-inch Ask Amy doll comes with a storybook and interactive phrase list that prompts Ask Amy interactive baby doll to respond with positive messages aimed at promoting self-esteem and empathy in children.

Interchangeable outfits will also be available to engage fine motor skills as young children dress their doll in the latest fashions. Ask Amy is currently available with either blonde or brunette silky soft hair which can be brushed and styled.

Ask Amy doll is recommended for ages 3–8 years old and available for Free Shipping $99.99 MSRP, it requires 6-AA batteries and features an on/off switch on her back.

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