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interactive dolls

How Can Interactive Dolls Help Children With Anxiety?

2:34 pm

It’s a wrong notion prevailing widely that anxiety can strike only adults. The Child Mind Institute says
that young kids too are victims of this mental health issue, with 9.1 percent and 2.2 percent of them
suffering from separation anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder respectively.
Bad dreams, feeling of fear, and apathy in daily activities are few signs that anxious kids show. The
good news is that this can be treated, sometimes even without medications. All that kids with anxiety
need is an interactive doll like the Ask Amy Doll, which is seen to be an effective antidote to anxiety
Here are a few ways in which an interactive doll can help your anxious child:
Offering companionship
Dolls and children go hand-in-hand. Kids often run to their doll for companionship when loneliness
strikes them. An interactive doll acts no less than a friend for kids. Your kid can hold it like he/she
would hold a friend and find solace in it at times of despair.
Have conversations
The best part about interactive dolls is that they can echo what you say. You kid can have little
conversations with the doll and fulfill the need to talk to somebody when they feel lonely. Ask “Hello,
where are you are from?” or “Do you like school?” and perhaps the doll will respond just like a new
friend would do.
Imagine a whole new world
Whenever a child faces an anxiety-striking situation, an interactive doll can whisk her away from it into
a whole new world of fantasy and wonder. Your kid can weave interesting storyline involving the doll
and escape a negative situation. Doing so also gives a big boost to their creativity by enabling them to
come up with new plots.
Whether it’s for reciting poems or cuddling while sleeping, an interactive doll can be your kids’ best
companion during anxious situations.


Ask Amy™, your child’s new favorite doll can virtually come alive to tell stories, sing songs, provide encouragement, and engage a child in conversation with voice recognition and realistic facial express and head movements!

We believe that Ask Amy™ is a particularly beneficial doll for children from bilingual homes or non-English speaking homes, since she helps encourage English-language skills that they might not be getting at the preschool level. This is part of the reason why we were inspired to produce this English-speaking doll.