Whether it’s “Us Two” by A.A. Mine, “The Littlest Christmas Tree” by Amy Peterson, or any other evergreen poem recitations for children, getting your kid to recite them can be challenging but fun. It’s always a pleasure to listen to your cutie-pies singing them in their sweet voices. Every verse they sing is heart-melting and you can’t help but keep listening to them.

However, there are kids who find it extremely challenging to memorize and recite poems, both in school or at home. They require the assistance of parents in understanding what the poet is trying to say and remembering each stanza sentence-to-sentence. If your child is facing a similar situation, fret not because there’s help in the form of Ask Amy Doll.

Ask Amy is an kids educational toy that’s fun, enriching and engrossing. She is an articulating doll that moves her lips, blinks her eyes, shakes her head, and has interactive discussions with your kid. Her talkative nature proves useful in boosting emotional and language skills in kids, making them equally articulate and well-spoken. She responds to verbal prompts and motivates your kid to self-learn—something that helps them become excellent poem reciters.

Poetry is all about expressing emotions and Ask Amy is the best toy to help your child understand them. Self-learning is one of the strongest and most important skills your kid can inculcate. Amy doll not only boosts your child’s self-esteem and confidence but also helps your kid become an independent thinker.

By developing confidence and language skills, your child can fearlessly stand on stage and recite beautiful poem recitations in a way that steals hearts. She makes you child more social and more comfortable in engaging with others. These skills are enough for your child to become a confident speaker in the future and perhaps ignite the spark of a poet in them.

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