Children’s minds are as absorbent as a sponge; you immerse them in anything, and they will get a grasp of it. It’s all about putting them in the right kind of activities. Their future as adults depends to a great extent on how they grow and what they do during their growing stages. As such, it’s essential that parents use the right resources to promote the overall self learning development of the kid.

Best Educational Toys for Kids Encourages Self Learning

One tool that parents have at their disposal is the Ask Amy Doll, an interactive talking doll that brings real life like technology and features to the table. It’s something that every little girl dreams of playing with, not only because the doll is pretty but also because she can talk and teach a lot of fun and educative things. Your kid can have sweet little conversations with her and learn a range of critical skills that can make them better adults.

Ask Amy Doll uses verbal questions and prompts to strike a relationship with your kid. You or your kid can say hello and expect a response from the doll, just like a real human would do. It’s a fantastic self learning toy for your child as it exposes her to a whole new world with simple acts of play. It’s entertaining, fun, and extremely educative.


Through self learning comes a sense of self-esteem and confidence. Your child becomes an independent thinker, who can explore different possibilities. The interactive pretense play with the doll activates some of the most critical parts of your child’s brain, such as emotional interaction, language and speech, and creativity. The doll acts nothing less than a friend to your child, cracking jokes, singing lullabies, and whisking them to a world of fantasies, possibilities, and ideas. This is the kind of toy that every child should have for their overall development.

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