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A doll that talks and answers questions!

Who Is Amy ?

Ask Amy™ is so much more than an adorable, articulating 22-inch doll. Her life-like moving lips, blinking eyes, head movements, and interactive discussion will amaze children and promote self-esteem and empathy. Encouraging emotional and language development, Ask Amy™ responds to 12 verbal prompts to answer questions, provide words of inspiration, and motivates children to sing along or recite a variety of poems. She also loves to cuddle and can sit upright in a chair, on the bed, in the car, etc.



A doll that talks and answers questions! We have gotten used to the amazement of people’s faces when they first see Ask Amy™.


Our vision was to create a high-quality doll second-to- none that girls would want on first sight — a doll with fun clothes and accessories to mix- and-match.
At the same time, our goal was to create a truly interactive toy that helps kids learn.


• Hello! • Where are you from? • Tell me a story • Sing me a song • Are you a fashion girl? • Do you have pets? • Do you like school? • I love you • Yes • No • Good-bye!

self learning

Self-learning is one of the strongest skills a child can develop. It not only creates confidence and self-esteem, it will help them become independent thinkers.


Latest News & Blog

Are You a Working Parent? Then Ask Amy is a Must-Have for Your Child

Posted on Thursday March 7, 2019

Posted by admin

Today, many parents have to work to support their family. In recent years the number of working mothers have been on the rise, as families now need dual-income to support their lifestyles. Single parents, on the other hand, have no choice but to enter the workforce if they wish to support their kids. Many child psychologists have studied and are still investigating the effect this has on the development of…

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Ask Amy Doll: Helping Your Child Behave With Your Guests

Posted on Thursday March 7, 2019

Posted by admin

Some kids may be socially shy, often refraining from mixing with peers and adults. It’s not something they should be blamed for. They are beautiful the way they are. But won’t it be great if they could exude their beauty even more? This will happen only when kids develop good social skills. What are the social skills of kids exactly? In simplest terms, social skills are the ways in which…

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The Soft Skills That Ask Amy Can Help Your Child Develop

Posted on Thursday March 7, 2019

Posted by admin

Soft skills are something that’s usually acquired by a child. They relate to their emotional intelligence quotient, unlike hard skills, which are a part of a person’s intelligence quotient. Soft skills and hard skills go hand-in-hand in forging a child’s personality. Soft skills cannot be taught in school, but they can certainly be nurtured at home with the help of an innovative interactive doll called Ask Amy. For most parents…

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Ask Amy™, your child’s new favorite doll can virtually come alive to tell stories, sing songs, provide encouragement, and engage a child in conversation with voice recognition and realistic facial express and head movements!

We believe that Ask Amy™ is a particularly beneficial doll for children from bilingual homes or non-English speaking homes, since she helps encourage English-language skills that they might not be getting at the preschool level. This is part of the reason why we were inspired to produce this English-speaking doll.