Let’s face it: technology is here to stay. We live in a digital world that’s driven by gadgets, smart phones, laptops, iPads and whatnot.

As adults, much of these technologies are unavoidable owing to the demands of our professional life. But what about your kids?

Do you think your children are becoming tech junkies?

The most obvious reason behind tech addiction in kids is the number of stimuli the gadgets and devices offer them.

Screen time takes away the need for kids to process words, images and pictures themselves by spoon-feeding the information to them.

While television and social media are educative for kids, they are also killers of creativity. Just like other forms of addictions, screen time brings about significant changes in kids’ brain chemistry.

If you are concerned about this behavior of your kid, then you need to give him or her Amy Doll, an interactive talking doll that can provide the much-needed companionship.

She is always there for your kid, just like a friend, and gives him or her a reason to stay outside the screen.

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