Educational Toys help Your child develop Soft skills are something that’s usually acquired by a child. They relate to their emotional intelligence quotient, unlike hard skills, which are a part of a person’s intelligence quotient. Soft skills and hard skills go hand-in-hand in forging a child’s personality.

Soft skills cannot be taught in school, but they can certainly be nurtured at home with the help of an innovative doll called Ask Amy. For most parents (even for you), Ask Amy may seem like a educational learning toys from a different planet. But, in reality, it’s pretty much a practical creation concocted in this dimension.

If you are wondering how this educational toys can help your child develop soft skills, then the wait is over. Here’s are a few of these interpersonal skills that Ask Amy educational toys can inculcate in your child:

Educational Toys Help your Children Develop Social skills

Greeting adults and peers with warmth and interacting with on various grounds is a sign of good social skills. Being a talking doll, Ask Amy can help your child build this skill. She can help your child become more interactive by teaching her about one-to-one relationships.

Communication skills

Communication is the way your child speaks to someone. It’s the manner in which your child puts his or her point across to others. Ask Amy responds to verbal prompts of your child and establishes a conversation. She can make your child more communicative and open, which is a sign of a social person.

Listening skills

Last but not least, your child will become a good communicator only when he or she listens in the first place. Instead of relying on telephonic conversations where barriers to effective communication are more, you can choose Ask Amy to help your child become better listeners. She strengthens your child’s auditory sense by constantly conversing with your child and exposing him or her to new words and sentences.

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