Just like their adult counterparts, kids also have a desire to look special. They love to be in their best
attires on certain occasions, be it a friend’s birthday party or a family outing. Thanks to the deluge of
stylish accessories that kids today are becoming more and more fashion conscious. So, it won’t be
wrong to say that kids belonging to the present generation should be exposed to decking up and styling
right during their development stage. After all, personal grooming and presentable dressing are
something that should be woven into kids’ habitual fabric.

Since teaching kids specific skills can be a challenge, you can take help of resources that come as both
educative and entertaining dolls for kids. Ask Amy doll is one such resource that parents can have for
teaching their kids how to dress up well. There’s nothing better than this innovative doll for kids to
enjoy pretense play and dress-up play. Whether it’s the blonde pink sparkle dress or the set of trousers
and top, Amy looks fantastic in whatever she wears. The best part- it’s your little toddler who styles her
so appealingly.

Creativity and imagination are two aspects that expand when your kid indulges in dress-up play with a
doll. They can explore different ways of pairing clothes and matching colors, which can later be
practiced when they are dressing up for an occasion. The toy gives a sense of adulthood to your kids
and helps them in inculcating certain adult-like traits. Your kid can dress and interact with the doll as if
they are sharing a relationship something similar to what they share with their older siblings.

Ask Amy certainly kindles interest for fashion and styling in kids, who can experience several
cognitive, emotional, and social benefits by playing with the doll. It’s one of the most educative,
entertaining, and fashionable dolls parents can give their kids.

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