Children need to be given their own time and space, away from their parents, so that they can discover and learn things on their own. As a parent, you may feel like your child needs you all the time. It’s only natural to feel this way, but your kids can benefit a lot from being alone with Ask Amy best learning toys for toddlers or their friends. They need to be able to learn how to interact and make sense of things in your absence.

However, it is equally important whoever or whatever they spend time with/on has a positive influence on them. Ask Amy is a little girl dolls that your child has everything to benefit from and nothing to lose. Here are the different ways your child can play with Ask Amy:

Best learning toys for toddlers they can talk to Ask Amy (and she will respond!) like a friend

Ask Amy children toys is programmed to respond to 12 verbal prompts. This means that if your child asks “Tell me story”, “Sing me a song”, “Are you a fashion girl?”, “Where are you from?”, “Do you have pets?”, Do you like school?”, “Hello”, “No”, “Yes”, “Goodbye!” and “I love you”, she can respond accordingly.

  • They can change her clothes and play with her like a normal doll

Ask Amy may be interactive, but she is also designed to be a fun 22-inch blonde dolls that your child can just play with, like any other little girl dolls. She comes with stylish clothes and accessories that can be mixed and matched.

  • They can cuddle with Ask Amy

Ask Amy loves to cuddle! She has on/off switch on her back, so when your child is sleeping with her at night, you can easily turn the switch off so your child and Ask Amy can both cuddle peacefully!

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