Some kids may be socially shy, often refraining from mixing with peers and adults. It’s not something they should be blamed for. They are beautiful the way they are. But won’t it be great if they could exude their beauty even more? This will happen only when kids develop good social skills.

What are the social skills of kids exactly?

In simplest terms, social skills are the ways in which kids interact with others. Are they able to strike a conversation? Are they able to carry on that conversation? Are they able to connect with others and forge relationships? Answers to all these questions reveal the social skills of kids.

Some kids tend to certain social situations, like some guests coming over to your house or meeting up with somebody for a meal. If you see this in your child, then he or she may be needing a companion. He or she may be having friends in school, but it would always be beneficial if somebody accompanies them always?

Enter Ask Amy

Ask Amy doll is the friend probably your child needs in order to overcome their social awkwardness. Amy is a smart interactive doll that’s extremely articulate and responds cutely to verbal prompts. Give your child Amy and you might see a radical change in the way he or she behaves with your guests.

Since Amy is very interactive and conversational, self-learning is something that never eludes your child. Goof social skills develop in kids when they can comprehend language, express their thoughts and feelings, understand body gestures, and feel empathetic.

Ask Amy doll can help your child do all of these. She moves her lips while speaking and converses with your child just the way a real human being would do. As such, Ask Amy is the best toy you can gift your child for enabling his or her overall development as a social being.

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