Ask Amy is a talking interactive doll that can be the perfect companion for your little one.
She’s a solid friend for both boys and girls. Ask Amy can help your child with many areas of
development including verbal, social and emotional. She’s also fantastic at helping kids feel
better about themselves as well as teaching young children empathy. She can respond to 12
verbal questions with many answers as well as move her lips, blink automatically and turn
her head in a very life-like way. She’s so realistic that even adults might do a double-take
when seeing her for the first time.

Most of you are wondering if Ask Amy can help your child become a better singer. Ask Amy
can sing the alphabet, lullabies, nursery rhymes as well as other tunes. Your child will soon
begin singing alongside her once he/she learns the words to the songs she sings. There is
scientific proof that people who develop an interest early on in life through practice tend to
be more competent in those interests later in life.

The answer to whether Ask Amy can help your child become a better singer is a resounding
yes. Children are easily distracted. What Ask Amy does is make singing sessions fun for your
little one. With regular and fun practice sessions, your child will be a singing veteran in no
time. Children learn things much faster than their adult counterparts. This coupled with
regular practice sessions from the entertaining Ask Amy doll will make your child a singer in
no time.

Ask Amy is the perfect gift for your little one on their special day. She’s talkative, intelligent,
sophisticated and fun at parks, parties and so on. You can also buy many accessories for your
child to dress her up with.

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