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What can Life Like Baby Doll Teach Kids About Imagination?

talking dolls

November 29, 2018

Dolls are no longer just sources of entertainment for kids. They have evolved into highly educative and engaging tools which can open up a whole new world for kids. An example of this evolution is beautifully depicted by Ask Amy Doll, an real life like baby doll that’s taking kids by storm.   We all have seen the immense imaginative power that kids possess. They can conjure up so many different scenarios, connecting abstract ideas with real-life situations. Life like Dolls and teddies have always been their companion in such scenarios, but the modern-day interactive dolls take this relationship a...

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How Ask Amy Doll Encourages Self learning?

working parents

November 29, 2018

Children’s minds are as absorbent as a sponge; you immerse them in anything, and they will get a grasp of it. It’s all about putting them in the right kind of activities. Their future as adults depends to a great extent on how they grow and what they do during their growing stages. As such, it’s essential that parents use the right resources to promote the overall self learning development of the kid. Best Educational Toys for Kids Encourages Self Learning One tool that parents have at their disposal is the Ask Amy Doll, an interactive talking doll that brings...

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Ask Amy Doll Best Interactive Toys

Interactive toys

October 25, 2018

It is a readily known fact that children need a role model when they are in their initial stages of development. They need something they can emulate. Perhaps it is not as well known BUT Interactive toys are one of the few solutions that parents have been using to fulfill this need.. Ask Amy Doll Best Interactive Toys Interactive toys as as a whole allow children to develop at a rapid rate. Developing their reasoning and creative skills at a very high rate. Interactive baby dolls encourage social skills develop, reasoning capabilities are increased, speech and vocabulary are broadened. The...

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educational toys

October 18, 2018

Dolls have a long history in the story of humanity. Archaeologists have found dolls at ancient sites dating back thousands of years, and the evidence shows that dolls are the earliest known toy. Children across many cultures have played with talking dolls, and why not? Dolls are a way for children to practice being an adult, in a gentle, stress-free fashion. They can bathe, dress, and interact with their talking dolls for girls like a parent or an older sibling would do. The beauty of dolls is that they teach children valuable lessons through play. Talking Dolls for Girls The...

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