talking doll toy

Kids have this innate ability to pick up any language you teach them during their formative years. For
example, if a Japanese kid grows up in American society, it’s natural for him or her to develop the
American accent of speaking in English. The highly absorbent nature of their mind makes them
linguistically adept, speaking one, two and sometimes many languages besides their mother tongue.

The same is the case with kids who grow up in non-English speaking households. Now, what comes as
a convenient and helpful language-teaching tool is Ask Amy Doll, which is an interactive doll meant
for kids above three years. The talking doll is a perfect toy for bilingual or non-English speaking kids
because it can activate the brain part that controls language.

There are different stages in which kids can learn the English language with the help of Amy Doll. The
doll is capable of responding to twelve common phrases and telling different stories. Firstly, he or she
will learn to identify sounds and develop phonemic awareness. Secondly, they learn to recognize new
words like “mommy,” “school” and so many more by merely talking to the doll. Finally, they learn to
speak proper sentences and eventually develop the ability to converse like adults.

Ask Amy is a fantastic creation that empowers kids with a range of critical skills. Not to forget, the doll
is also capable of providing words of inspiration to your kids and motivating them each day. From
singing along to reciting sweet poems to pretense playing, Amy does everything that a best friend
would do with your kid.

It’s one of the best self-learning toys that kids can have to build self confidence, linguistic skills, and imagination power. It’s easy to set up and extremely entertaining to be with.

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