Toys and childhood are two things that have been closely associated for years. Many of us can agree that the one of the best parts of our childhood was the toys – the entertainment they offered, the companionship they provided so we wouldn’t feel alone. But will this sentiment be experienced by kids in the next decade or so? Will kids still play with toys in the future? If so, what kind of toys will be preferred?

Although children love to play with their toys – be it teddy bears, action figures, car toys and trucks – it’s time to consider whether these will be available in the future, or will toys evolve? The toy industry has always been one that thrives, because put simply, toys will be demanded as long as there are kids, and there will always be kids. So, the question here is not whether the toy industry in general will be here in the next decade. It is the traditional toy industry that may be at stake.

Children today are more advanced than ever, and it only makes sense that the toys produced for them should be too. This is exactly why revolutionary, technologically advanced toys like Ask Amy have been introduced to the world. Kids now want to engage with toys that are interactive and fun rather than something that is completely lifeless.

As is the case with other industries, the digitization of the world has caused many brick and mortar toy businesses to close down. More and more people are buying toys online and they are looking for unique and interactive toys that will be educational for their kids. Parents want kids to be able to integrate learning and playing, so interest in certain subjects and skills can be sparked at a young age.

Given these circumstances, it appears that interactive toys like Ask Amy will soon be the norm in the future.