Auditory processing is an essential aspect of growth and development. The hearing is fully
functional at birth, and as kids age, their sense of hearing plays a vital role in the way they
make sense of their surroundings. For instance, to learn how to speak, kids must be able to
understand what they hear so they too can repeat it. It is essential that kids can listen to others
as well as themselves clearly, and at the same time, understand what they hear.
Sure, kids pick up a massive chunk of language from the people around them, like their
parents, elder siblings, as well as friends and teachers from school. But what if there was
something that could help them understand faster and speak better?
Fortunately, Ask Amy can do precisely that. A battery-operated interactive doll that can speak
and move, Ask Amy is not the usual doll you can pick up from the store at any time. Not only
can she blink her eyes, moves her lips and head, she can also have conversations with your
Ask Amy is designed to respond to 12 verbal prompts including “Hello,” “Where are you
from?”, “Tell me a story,” “Are you a fashion girl?”, “Sing me a song,” “Do you like
school?”, “Do you have pets?”, “I love you,” “Yes,” “No and “Goodbye.” On top of this, she
can also sing lullabies and rhymes, and tell your kids words of motivation. This ability of Ask
Amy to engage in conversation in a life-like manner, while providing your child with
positive, educational auditory content distinguishes her from the other dolls.
A different takeaway for kids from spending time with Ask Amy is that they get the chance to
learn things on their own. Whether this is a new rhyme, a new word, or improved listening
and communication skills, it dramatically boosts their confidence.