Stuttering is a speech-language problem that’s an extremely common disability in children. Studies have found that the disability affects 1 in 12 preschool children, leading to behavioral challenges, mental health issues, academic failure, and reading difficulties.

Speech therapies are seen to help children cope with the problem, but there are various other tools that parents can use to treat the issue. One of them is an interactive doll like Ask Amy, which can act as your little girl’s friend. The doll helps your child develop good language skills by speaking different sentences. Your child can ask a question and expect a response—something that replicates a normal interaction between two people.

Firstly, the interactive doll acts as a diversion from your child’s anxiety, which could be one of the reasons behind the stuttering issue. The kind of realistic conversations that the doll can have with your child is certainly something that can boost your child’s language development.

Secondly, the doll acts as your child’s companion through thick and thin. Your little girl could be having feelings that she may find difficult to express. This inexpressiveness can cause emotions to pent up inside her, and manifest in the form of stuttering. Ask Amy can help your little girl to express her emotions and find solace in the friendliness with the doll treats her.

Stuttering can severely damage your child’s self-confidence as an adult if left untreated. It’s true that it might take some time, but using an interactive doll like Ask Amy can really help her. Besides providing language developmental opportunities, the doll is amazing for developing emotional literacy. It allows your little girl to feel what she’s feeling and gives her a sense of companionship and safety. It’s one of the best gifts you can give your child.