Any parent can relate to having to force your kid to study for their school tests when they would rather play with their toys all day long. Learning and studying may not be the most exciting activities to engage in for kids, why is why so many kids throw tantrums just to avoid it, or to express their disinterest.

However, it is crucial that children learn the importance of learning, and the best way to do this is to make learning fun. At such a young age, the best way to spark interest in kids is by adding a fresh, new element of fun and excitement. This is where Ask Amy comes in.

Ask Amy is a doll that your kids can play with and learn from, making her perfect for any child. Unlike other dolls, Ask Amy is an interactive doll that has the ability to speak, converse, and sing rhymes and lullabies. She can even move her head and lips and blink her eyes in a like-like manner.

It’s not difficult to see that Ask Amy is so much more than just another doll. She is a friend that offers companionship and an opportunity for your kid to develop and improve in many aspects, one of which is improving their language and communication skills. This provides additional help your kid can put to use for their school oral tests.

Ask Amy is programmed to respond to twelve verbal prompts such as “Where are you from?”, “Tell me a story,” “Do you have pets?”, “Do you like school?”, “Sing me a song” and more. In other words, she can respond accordingly when your child asks her these questions. She can also sing lullabies and tell stories. These greatly improve your child’s ability to converse and comprehend and expand their vocabulary. What better way to make learning fun?