Can Ask Amy Dolls Get Your Kids In-Sync With The Outside World?

Many parents think that playing with dolls and other toys aren’t healthy for their kids, as they
believe it doesn’t help them develop important social skills. While some toys definitely help
develop certain skills in kids such as their motor skills and language skills, they don’t usually
help them with their social and communication skills. When kids spend too much time playing
with toys, they miss out on the real world.
However, this isn’t always the case. they just need to play with the right toys. With Ask Amy,
an interactive, educational doll that is designed to be everything good for children, your child
can now have the best of both worlds. In other words, children can now play with dolls and
still use their imagination, while not only remain in touch with the outside world but actually
develop skills to thrive in it.
Ask Amy is capable of having conversations with your child, of singing lullabies and reciting
poems, reciting the alphabets and much more. Moreover, its life-like features and reactions,
which includes moving lips as it talks, moving its heads and blinking its eyes, make it more
than just another doll. Ask Amy is a friend that your child can spend time with and play with.
This is exactly why it helps your kid get in-sync with the outside world. Because it is so much
like a real-life girl, your kid, when playing with the doll, develops empathy for others, while
learning how to start conversations and communicate with others effectively. Even if your
child plays with Ask Amy all day, it would be like playing with their best friend for the whole
Ask Amy teaches your kid essential social skills they need to thrive in the real world, which
makes it the perfect toy for them.