Dolls and kids have been going hand-in-hand for centuries now. Whether it’s a winter night in bed or an evening before the television, interactive dolls can be children’s best companion to cuddle with at all times. Nowadays, children have a variety of talking baby dolls to play with. The Ask Amy doll, however, are gaining popularity and there are good reasons for the same. Let’s check out a few benefits of playing with interactive dolls here:

Strengthens compassion and empathy

Whenever a child plays with a doll, he or she embarks on an adventure and crafts a narrative. The storyline gives a character to the interactive doll, and the child treats it like a friend, sibling or any other human being. Doing so kindles emotions of compassion and empathy in children and makes them more caring individuals.

Boosts social skills

Interactive dolls help children in solidifying their social skills right in their developmental years. When kids indulge in a playhouse, they build on their communication skills and learn the art of being kind and cooperative. They learn to take care of one another by learning to take care of their doll.

Increases imaginative power

Crafting a storyline involving the doll requires clear imagination on the part of the child. Dramatic play with interactive dolls helps children conjure creative scenarios and boost their imagination. You never know, such plays can make them incredible actors in the future. After all, everything starts with baby steps.

Child experts also believe that dolls are fantastic learning toys for kids. The dramatic play demands flexible thinking, literacy skills, prompt initiatives, and self-expression from children, who get better armed with these real-life skills with a few hours of casual doll play. Pretend play is one excellent way in which children can build a safe environment for themselves and see the world from a different perspective.

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Benefits of Kids Playing with Ask Amy Interactive Dolls