It’s every little girl’s dream to have an exact look-alike talking baby doll, and these days dolls are designed with truly real life-like features and technology that makes that dream a reality. The Ask Amy Doll from word of magic toys is the first-of-a-kind, truly interactive and educational toys for kids. Ask Amy™ is the perfect doll for your child to play with – because she talks back in a myriad of fun, educational ways.


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Self-learning is one of the strongest skills a child can develop. Interactive baby doll not only creates confidence and self-esteem, it will help them become independent thinkers and stronger students. As Ask Amy educational toys for kids interacts and engages the child, she can help a child strengthen their speech and language skills, emotional interaction, and become more comfortable engaging with other people.

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We recently received an Ask Amy Doll and my daughter was super excited to see that the talking baby doll had blond hair just like her. She also had large round eyes similar to my daughter and a cute outfit that was visible through the display box.

talking baby doll

We took Amy out of the box and had a little conversation with her outside. The key is to talk to her in a quiet place so that there is no background noise to confuse her. Here is a video of Amy singing songs with my daughter.

Watch more Ask Amy videos at our YouTube Channel.