It is a readily known fact that children need a role model when they are in
their initial stages of development. They need something they can emulate.
Perhaps it is not as well known BUT Interactive toys are one of the few
solutions that parents have been using to fulfill this need..

Ask Amy Doll Best Interactive Toys

Interactive toys as as a whole allow children to develop at a rapid rate.
Developing their reasoning and creative skills at a very high rate.
Interactive dolls encourage social skills develop, reasoning
capabilities are increased, speech and vocabulary are broadened. The
best of it all is that these benefits are achieved all the while the child is
having fun!

Specifically, the uniqueness of the Ask Amy Doll intensifies the whole
interactive experience. Playing with the Ask Amy doll children learn to talk,
gesture, count, basic human interaction among many other fun and
rewarding benefits at a much faster rate.

Kids Toys, in general, allow a child to pretend, dream and role play. These are all
critical aspects of development. Studies have shown that Interactive toys,
namely dolls, take it to a much higher level.

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