best learning toys for toddlers

Aggression in children is a common problem that many parents have to deal with. You may have experienced it many times yourself – your kid doesn’t want to eat the vegetables they are given, so they start banging on the table, kick their feet, and throw a tantrum.

In some cases, episodes of aggressive behavior may be more serious than this. Kids harming other people, or destroying their dolls, toys and other objects especially when they are not happy is a common behavioral problem. It may be easy to see it as nothing more than a “phase” and let ‘kids be kids’. However, if not treated, unchecked aggressive behavior during childhood can lead to bigger problems later on in life.

Usually, kids get aggressive when they are tired or hungry. Other times, they may be upset about something and because they do not know how to express their feelings, they resort to aggressive behavior out of frustration. In some cases, mood, conduct, and learning disorders may cause aggression in children as well.

Treating such characteristics in a timely manner in the right way is an important duty for parents. It is imperative that you teach your kids how to react the right way even when they are upset, how to manage their frustrations, and listen to their feelings. You must also let your child know right away that such aggressive behavior is unacceptable.

Ask Amy Helps

A great way to help kids develop the ability to self-reflect so as to understand their own enactment  is by using educational toys such as Ask Amy. With Ask Amy, your kid has the opportunity to self-learn, be more aware of himself/herself and their surroundings, learn the right ways to communicate, and more.

In other words, Ask Amy is an life like doll that has the potential to steer the development of your child away from unwanted, aggressive behavior.

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