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Looking For An Interactive Toy that is Also Educational?Then Ask Amy with her Unique Capabilities is for You!

Buy Ask Amy dolls - Your kids get lots of fun

Does your kids love brunette or blonde dolls? We know that the dolls, with real look as the human beings, can be the best companions to your little princess. Thus, we have presented you with a biggest collection of kids talking toys. While you don’t get time to play with your girl, Ask Amy doll can be the right choice to accompany the little one. What is more, our dolls are much different from the conventional toys. Why? They can speak to your girl, and answer to her question.

Ask Amy dolls help your girls to learn language and develop their speaking skills

No dumbness

Our baby toys for preschoolers are not just dolls with no movement. Static dolls make your little girl feel bored. So, we have the best real looking baby dolls that can blink eyes, shake head, move lips and responds to your infant. Your teens and kids will surely love cuddling our beautiful and cute dolls.

No loneliness

Busy parents cannot get time to accompany their girls. Hence, you can start shopping for talking dolls online. We have the best doll collection for you. Your girl will really be thankful to you while you have chosen our singing dolls as her birthday gift. Indeed, we have a vision to bring smile to your infant’s face.


Our dolls for toddlers, teens and infants are the age-appropriate toys. We have doll for 4-year-old infants, 12 months old babies and for all other teens. Our toys can be the amazing source of gaining knowledge. Thus, when your kids are playing with our dolls, they can learn new words and add more words to their vocabulary.

Daily conversation

Why do you like to eat? Do you love reading books? I love my sweet doll. Good Night. Hello.

We speak these words almost every day. Now, when your girls interact with our dolls in this way, they will instantly send answers. Furthermore, their lip movements will make your girl feel that they are real babes.

Interactive Toys with wonderful speaking skills- Sharpen your kids’ learning- Boost their communication

Dolls are always the childhood staples to most of the little girls. Ask Amy has realized this fact about the educational toys for preschoolers. That is why we have added the most interactive features to our cute dolls. Speaking, tell stories and learning everything can be amusing to your little member of your family. We know that you have already visited different collectible doll stores. However, you have reached the best platform to find the best interactive baby dolls for sale. We have learned about the interests of children of age 3 and up. Thus, it has helped us to create a unique doll store for all the kids.

interactive talking doll

Dolls blessed with technological sophistication

Technology has found its dominance in various fields. Then, why should we not integrate it with our dolls’ design. To make our dolls lively, more dynamic and interactive, we have relied on innovative technology. Our battery-operated tech-enabled dolls for your girls. Our dolls are versatile toys with all-in-one design and good verbal skills. Surely, your kids will never like to leave our Ask Amy doll, once they grab it with their hands. Our interactive dolls can be the most electronic learning toys to your kids. From the early morning to the nighttime, your kids may love having our dolls with them. Their playing session will have fun for them.

Stimulate the imaginative skills

You know that kids have always the habit of imitating others. They have learned from you how to care for baby. Now, your kids can play an imaginative role of caregiver. They can feed their dolls, soothe them with pacifier and change their diapers, imagining these toys as their babies. Thus, your kids can turn out to be a little mom. The life-like models of our baby’s first doll are really laudable. Our collector dolls can be the best addition to your kids toy stores collection.

Ask Amy dolls are not just playthings- There are something more

Self-development and self-learning- These two things that have gained high priority to the modern parents. Parents often question- Can a doll be of any value to our kids? Yes, we can answer your question now.  Our interactive talking dolls with soft vinyl head and soft stuffed body may be a source of fun to your toddler girls. However, these 22 inch dolls are simultaneously educating your little ones by conversing with them.

By the way, our everyday conversation is our useful to a child to learn more and to gain some skills. That is why we have added the interactive ability to our dolls. Singing, talking, story telling, child conversation and kids inspiration – all these activities will keep your kids engaged with their dolls.

kids learning toys

Why our Ask Amy dolls win the kids’ heart?

At times, parents find it tough to nurture the self-learning ability of their kids. If you also feel this issue, then why don’t you search for an interactive toy from our doll website? Imagine the scene- the cute doll opens its eyes and starts giggling at your kids. It’s the best way our dolls will entertain your kids.

Whether it is a playroom, bedroom or study room, our dolls can be the best buddy to your kids at any environment. Our dolls enable your kids to become the fastest learner. Never think our dolls to be a piece of inanimate object. As we have designed them to offer some value, your kids will surely get lots of benefits.

Our unique toddler toys inspire your kids’ creativity. At the same time, they teach your toddlers to be responsible at a very young age.

Watch more Ask Amy videos at our YouTube Channel.


Have you already started browsing the original American girl dolls? We have the best interactive and communicative babydoll set for your toddlers and infants. Ask Amy is now known for designing the best educational toys for all babies. You know that not all dolls can talk and interact. However, our beautiful fashionable dolls are the science toys, and this has what makes us different from other toy brands.