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Amazing Talking Doll for Kids that talks, develop skills and answers questions!


Ask Amy™ is so much more than an adorable, articulating 22-inch doll for kids. Her life-like moving lips, blinking eyes, head movements, and interactive discussion will amaze children and develop kids skills. Encouraging emotional and language development, Ask Amy™ responds to 12 verbal prompts to answer questions, provide words of inspiration, and motivates children to sing along or recite a variety of poems. She also loves to cuddle and can sit upright in a chair, on the bed, in the car, etc.


Ask Amy™ requires 6-AA batteries (not included) and features an on/off switch on her back to conserve battery-life.



A doll that talks, develop skills and answers questions! We have gotten used to the amazement of people’s faces when they first see Ask Amy™.

Her lips move so naturally as she speaks, and she turns her head and blinks her eyes just like a real little girl!


Our vision was to create a high-quality doll second-to- none that girls would want on first sight — a doll with fun clothes and accessories to mix- and-match.

At the same time, our goal was to create a truly interactive interactive doll that helps kids learn and develop skills.


• Hello! • Where are you from? • Tell me a story • Sing me a song • Are you a fashion girl? • Do you have pets? • Do you like school? • I love you • Yes • No • Good-bye!

Ask Amy™ recites the alphabet and can help your child to develop language skills in a delightful way.

self learning

Self-learning is one of the strongest skills a child can develop. It not only creates confidence and self-esteem, it will help them become independent thinkers.

As Ask Amy™ interacts and engage the child, she can help a child strengthen their speech and develop language skills, emotional interaction, and become more comfortable engaging with other people.


Ask Amy™, your child’s new favorite talking doll can virtually come alive to tell stories, sing songs, develop skills, provide encouragement, and engage a child in conversation with voice recognition and realistic facial expressions and head movements!

We believe that Ask Amy™ is a particularly beneficial doll for children from bilingual homes or non-English speaking homes, since she helps encourage English-language skills that they might not be getting at the preschool level. This is part of the reason why we were inspired to produce this English-speaking doll.